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Crystal Cole. Owner, founder, general dogs body of Crystal Cole Group Ltd.
I guess i just wanted to give you a quick introduction of who we are, what we do and why we do it.
I incorporated Crystal Cole Group Ltd sometime last year but have been making candles and other bits and pieces waaaaay longer than that. I am too late in to my 30's than I care to mention, I have 5 children ranging from the ages of 20, right down to a 17 month old. I am married to Ian, who is the most creative and amazing man to have walked the planet - he puts up with a LOT from me - and we live on the outskirts of South East London/Kent borders. I am a feminist, an equal rights activist and I am not afraid to tell you all of my thoughts and opinions on those matters!
I am a hippy at heart, always have been. I would walk around barefoot all day if i could. I love too much sometimes; I hurt too much too, when i see things that cause heartbreak, I have to do something about it. My biggest heartbreak is seeing poorly children and a poorly planet. My friends will nod and laugh at this - plenty of times I have dragged them to demonstrations, made them sign petitions and have argued until I am blue in the face as I cannot just sit back and watch things happen. It leads for a very disappointing life at times, as not everything is as straight cut as fighting a corner and winning. Sometimes I have lost battles and have been hit with immense devastation (little Alfie Evans was a boy who I could not sit back and not fight for; the grief and hurt for his parents and family, hit me like a truck when he sadly left for heaven) and other times I have had to accept that sometimes battles are ongoing. Especially the battle to look after the planet. And that is why most of our products are as kind to the planet as possible. 
I guess this is why the company is what it is and sells the products it does. Plenty of people and organisations say they are passionate about their products. I really and truly am. Every single product that leaves our workshop is hand made, or at least touched and checked, by me. That doesn't make them always perfect and it certainly doesn't make me a control freak, its just me being true to wanting a very personal business.
At last count, in the first 11 months of officially trading, we have 32 sales reps and 7 company Ambassadors. I will discuss more about these roles in later posts. We also have close friend Derren and the lovely Ciara who work in the background with me and my husband and close friend Andrew, who work on product design, packaging and marketing. Our older children help out in the business as and when they need pocket money and even our 7 year old rolls her sleeves up and gets stuck in when we need a stamp sticker. This truly is a small, family run, organically grown business. 
We don't always get it right and we have had plenty of teething problems since starting, but what I can promise you is that we really do care about our team, our customers and our planet and we are dong everything we can to make a difference.
Watch over over the coming weeks for posts from our team, posts about our products and more ramblings from me!
In the meantime, if you don't know who we are or what we do, take a little nose at our website:

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