An open letter to all of our suppliers

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Dear Supplier

We absolutely love working with you.

When we started up our company, we spent so much time researching the best suppliers, not only for cost, but for service. And here we are, working along side you to serve our customers and keep up an exceptional level of service and product availability across the UK and beyond.

We have one issue.

We would like to say that it is a small issue, but it is not. It affects every single one of us and will affect our children and our children's children and so forth. That issue is called plastic.

Our company try our hardest to keep our single use plastic usage to an absolute minimum. We try to reuse what we receive and feel we are getting somewhere within our company to really cut down our non recycable packaging, but we still have a massive problem and this is why we are writing to you. 

We receive so many parcels packaged and wrapped in single use plastic. Large boxes with large voids filled with bubble wrap, aerated packaging and those stupid little foam based figure of 8 nobbles of plastic rubbish. Plastic bottles contained in cellophane bags, contained in bubble wrap, sent in boxes and then sealed in plastic bags. Its breaking our hearts. Its really upsetting us as we cannot reuse this plastic as it goes against everything that we believe in and everything that our customers believe in too. We want to provide exceptional products with zero plastic packaging. We are succeeding, but sadly our suppliers are not and this makes us feel a little hypocritical.

It is unnecessary, annoying and so upsetting. Not just for us, but for the fish, whales, turtles and marine life that get caught in it. for the people who walk along beaches every day, collecting said packaging and trying to put it to better use than finding its way back in to our waters. For every person who eats sea caught fish and pollutes themselves with fish already polluted by micro plastic. The planet simply cannot take this drove of unnecessary plastic anymore.

Can i send you back the plastic bottles our oils come in? Can you wrap our wax or shampoo ingredients in something other than plastic? Does the box our parcels come in, need to be so big? These are small questions which you can use to really try and make a difference.

As Christmas approaches and we order more, we are becoming increasingly concerned with the excess packaging that our purchases, and others purchases, are going to have on the environment. So we are asking you to read this open letter, listen to your customers, listen to the environment, listen to what is going on in the world and please reconsider the excess single use plastic.Can you opt for more environmentally friendly packaging as and where you can at least make a small difference?

We have changed our padding from bubble wrap, to non confidential shredded paper, from a local business. They no longer have to pay for a shredding company and we have ample padding for our packages. Do you have the option to look at something similar? It will even save your company money. How can it be a bad thing? Lean management AND saving the planet all at once!

Can you please read this, forward it on to the person in charge and at least give this some consideration, if not a response? The planet would totally appreciate it.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Yours faithfully


Crystal Cole


Crystal Cole group Ltd

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