What the hell is a girls cup???

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So, our girls cups have gone live and theres a lot of excitement about them, but also some confusion. What are they? how do they work? are they clean?


This blog should give you all the answers!

What is a girls cup?

A girls cup is a medical grade soft silicon cup, which is inserted in to the vagina and collects your period blood. 

They are extremely safe and sit securely in the lower vagina. They also hold more blood than a standard sanitary towel or tampon, so less frequent changes are needed.

How do I use a girls cup?

A girls cup is inserted in to he vagina, but unlike a standard tampon, the cup sits lower in the vagina. A simple guide to how to use is as follows:

1. Wash hands thoroughly

2. fold the girls cup in to a C shape

3. insert. The cup will natural unfold itself and mould to your shape and will stay in place with suction. Remember not to insert too high up in to the vagina - it should sit just inside the entrance. If the stem protrudes too far out of your vagina, you can trim this to size, ensuring there is still enough to grip.

4. Remove every 4-8 hours depending on your flow. Squeeze the bottom of the cup lightly and use the stem to gently pull and remove the cup slowly, which will also avoid any form of spillage.


How do I clean my girls cup?

Cleaning is really simple. Simply wipe out or run under water in between use.

We hear you asking about public toilets - the trick is to spend a couple of times practising inserting and removing at home, to get the hang of it, but ultimately, its dead simple. Just sit over the toilet and remove, using some tissue to wipe it out and re insert. Try it at home and trust me, its less daunting than you think!

For in between periods, or overnight if you have a couple of cups, just place in hot water, or if you prefer, you can pop in a sterilising tablet (commonly used for babies feeding equipment and very cheap to purchase) or some bicarbonate of soda for more of a deep clean.


How do i choose a size?

We stock medium and large sizes in our girls cups. The general rule of thumb is the larger size should be used by anyone who has given birth vaginally or is over 30 and the smaller size for under 30's and those who have not had a vaginal birth. Why? Well because your pelvic floor muscles will be the judge of what fits best. The younger you are, the less children you have given birth to, the more toned your PFM will be and the smaller the cup you will need.


How does using a girls cup help the environment and my purse?

Girls cups are made from soft, durable silicone and if looked after properly, will last you for years and years. It is estimated that a woman will have around 450 periods in their lifetime and will spend on average £4,800 on sanitary products. By purchasing a reusable girls cup, a small one off payment should last you a number of years, meaning it is more cost effective.

Whats more, less tampons and sanitary towels used, means less end up on landfills and in our waterways. The time it takes for a tampon or towel to degrade is a lot lot longer than they are used for - with 100 million women alone using tampons across the world, using approximately 11,000 tampons in their lifetime, thats a hell of a lot of tampons in landfills. 

By using reusable products, you are cutting your own costs down and also helping the environment and lets face it, I can think of plenty of better things to spend my money on, can't you!

Link to our girls cups is below - 

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