Girls Cups, rough sleepers and bad experiences for girls need to stop. Period.

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Most of us have never had to sleep in a door way, in the middle of winter or feel at risk of being violated or threatened from anyone approaching you when you should just getting a good night sleep.

Sounds rubbish doesn't it?

Now add having you period on top of this. having to look after yourself and also deal with trying to find the money or provisions to mop up your menstruation. Crazy isn't it?

Actually its not. Its life. Crisis reported that in 2017, a total of 3,365 people were sleeping rough, with 653 being identified as female and a further 133 were gender unknown. That is a heck of a lot of people identifying as rough sleepers that have no provisions for feminine hygiene products every month.

Top that off with International Women's Day reporting some 137,700 girls every month in the UK miss school because they are not provided with feminine hygiene products through poverty. Thats a whole heap of your inspiring girls losing out on vital education because of mother nature.

This needs to end now. Period.

On launching our girls cups today, we are aiming to try and help tackle this issue. Every single purchase of a girls cup, 5% of our profits will go back in to the manufacture and purchase of more girls cups and other reusable sanitary ware, which we will be donating to a rough sleepers project and local school projects, where girls will safely be able to ask for feminine hygiene products. Details of these two projects we will be highlighting further in upcoming blog posts so you can get to really see what we are doing behind the scenes.

So, choose to continue with you usual sanitaryware, or try the switch and not only help the environment and cut down on landfill waste, but also empower and aid a female rough sleeper or a young adolescent female when both are at the most difficult time of the month.

Thank you as aways for your support


Crystal Cole Group Ltd


ps - want to know more about girls cup best practice for use? blog coming up very very soon!!!

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