Hotels see the benefit of Crystal Cole Solid shampoo and conditioner bars

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Several of our ambassadors have been working on a project to eradicate the single use plastic in small independent hotels across the UK and even further afield, with some really positive results!

Project Hotel has seen our ambassadors exclusively working on contacting small independent hotels and showcasing how our sample sized shampoo and conditioner bars can not only get rid of the plastic associated with small sample sized liquid shampoo and conditioner bottles left in bathrooms for guest use, but also there are many other benefits to using our solid sample sizes. Not only being kinder to the environment, but the space needed to store our sample sized bars is significantly less than for plastic bottles. Plus, not only are our guest sized bars cost effective, but the hotel's carbon footprint effect from using our bars instead is significantly less - they are made in the UK and not made and shipped in from China or India, which is unfortunately where most of these small bottles start their lives and then end up in the oceans and waterways of these countries.

We have a number of small independent and small chain hotels already using our guest sample sized bathroom products and the reviews have been really positive, with accounts set up with our company to continue to provide our solid bars for guest use. It is a really easy way for hotels to lower their carbon footprint and help the British economy by keeping the money within the UK and the plastic bottles out of the oceans.

If you are a hotelier and are concerned about your plastic usage, or just want to see what we can offer you, we would love to discuss your requirements.

And if you are a member of the public reading this - next time you stay in a hotel and are given plastic bottles for guest use, please do speak to the hotel manager and let the know that there is another way to provide products for guests. Let the hotel industry know that Crystal Cole products are luxury products that do not cost the earth! 

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