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This month- we celebrate Organic September


This month, it is Organic September which is a great way to celebrate amazing produce, brands and businesses that are organic. We are an eco-friendly company working towards becoming 100% organic and we love to buy and research organic produce and products.


In the UK, to be 100% organic means going through a long process in order to be certified, and you have to go through strict proceedings and regular checks to make sure they meet all the requirements. This means that products and produce have to contain less than 20 pesticides, contain no preservatives or artificial additives, be produced sustainably, contain no genetically modified ingredients, and conform to high standards of animal welfare.



What is Organic September? 

This is a month-long campaign aimed to raise awareness of any organic brands or products, and the people who create them. It is mostly associated with food and farming, but many other non-food companies are trying to become organic.


With personal care and home products, they can be organic if they contain agricultural ingredients and meet the standards requested. A product can be 100% organic, partially organic, or could be made with organic ingredients. Here at Crystal Cole, we are working towards becoming 100% organic in the near future as being completely organic helps to protect natural resources, using approved substances, and it conserves biodiversity.


When buying an organic product, be sure to look out for the organic logo. There are several organic stores that sell produce such as fruit, veg, and meat- and if you opt for these items, you are choosing food with fewer pesticides which helps our wildlife and the welfare of our farm animals. 


The best thing to do is shop locally and independently, as these businesses need support, and they are most often ethical and better for the environment. The money you spend goes to these small companies and helps our climate- not to mention smaller brands and stores are less likely to use plastic...


If you want to learn more about becoming organic and where to start, then the Go Organic UK website is a great place to get information. It encourages you to explore nature, help restore our climate, and gives you useful resources and tips to help you.


Collaboration with play in choc

Here at Crystal Cole, we are collaborating with a company called “PLAY in CHOC” who are a chocolate company that is vegan, gluten-free, organic, and healthy. Their chocolate is made with just three natural ingredients: cocoa beans, coconut, and vanilla- with absolutely no refined sugar! 


They have similar morals and ethics as us, and as well as being organic and natural, they ensure that their packaging is recyclable and biodegradable in a bid to help conserve the planet. We are so pleased to be working with them, and they have kindly given us 50 sample chocolates to send out randomly with some of our orders this month, due to it being Organic September (so keep an eye out when you receive any orders!)


That’s not the end of our collaboration, as we will be stocking some of their products too. If you are interested in trying some organic chocolate, we will be adding their chocs to our very own Christmas range soon! You can find their multi-award winning range here, and check out their story.

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