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Zero Waste Week 6-12 September


A great way to be sustainable in life is to try and reduce waste. This could be food waste, household waste, or any other waste such as leaving the lights on when it isn’t needed. This is a good week to start kicking this habit!


Across the world, millions of people are participating in a campaign to reduce waste. If you are not conscious about what you are wasting, it will be hard to go completely waste free at the beginning. In fact, it’s hard for anyone to commit to being zero waste, but we can all start somewhere and learn to limit our rubbish. 



What is Zero Waste Week?

This campaign was created by Rachelle Strauss back in 2008, after she saw the effects of climate change while she was in Cornwall during a flood. It is now an annual event, where she encourages people to make small changes to reduce their rubbish. 


Zero Waste Week has now gone global, as roughly 80 countries have got involved and are aiming to change their habits during September. You don’t have to save every bit of rubbish- that’s a very difficult thing to do- but you are encouraged to cut out single use plastics and think about what to do with items that shouldn’t be thrown away. 


This is a great place to get started if you aren’t sure how to do your bit for the environment. By making little changes, you can keep up this habit for more than a week and change the way you look at waste forever. Hopefully, we can all live in a world where there will be less landfill sites as we look towards going waste-free for good!



What can you do to reduce waste?

There are so many things you can do to combat how much you dispose of- and it’s easier than you think. There are the obvious solutions such as buying a reusable water bottle, buying reusable cutlery, opting for plastic-free packaging, and choosing eco-friendly products, but what about other sustainable choices?


You can buy less when you are in a supermarket and only buy products that you have written on your list as this reduces food waste. It may be easier to buy in bulk, but it is much better to take small, local trips to buy your food so that you are buying fresh food that won’t get mouldy quickly. If you do buy in bulk, cook what you have bought before its ‘use by’ date, and store leftovers in the fridge or freezer and ensure every bit of produce is used!


When it comes to clothes, we all throw away things that may be stained, ripped, or lost a button. How about you reinvent this? Sew the button back on, find tips on how to get rid of tough stains, or turn the item into something else entirely that you will use. 


One effective way to combat waste is to start a bin audit. By looking at what you throw away  and how much you throw away, you can truly see how much waste there is. Once you have identified what the most common thing you dispose of is, you can try and avoid buying this item, or find a zero waste or plastic free alternative!



How to get involved

Start by acknowledging how much you buy and how much you actually use. See if you can limit how much goes in the bin, and start making sustainable and reusable swaps. We’re not saying you should have an empty bin by the end of the day, just try and reduce how much you are throwing away.


There are great ways to get involved and get support during Zero Waste Week. Firstly, think about signing up to the Zero Waste Week website. They offer great resources, including downloadable guides, courses, and workshops which aim to help you in the long-term, as well as tips, articles, and daily emails to encourage you to go waste free. 


Other ways to get involved include following the twitter hashtag- #zerowasteweek to get inspiration and follow advice, as well as sharing your own ways to combat waste. Sign up to websites and Facebook groups as they are very useful and you can communicate with a whole bunch of zero-wasters.


Look at some zero waste brands and stores, and opt for plastic-free businesses like Crystal Cole! Our website offers a huge selection of eco-friendly products that are great for the environment. Comment below and let us know how you plan to go zero waste (or minimal waste) free this week! Good luck. 


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