Looking ahead to 2019

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Happy New Year to all of our customers and followers. We hope you all had a wonder Holiday season and are not too unhappy being back to work or routine.


Whilst the workshop was closed over Christmas, Team Cole continued to work tirelessly behind the scenes. We have an extremely exciting 2019 to look forward to; plenty going on, big big plans imminent and an air of positivity at Camp Cole.

We will of course keep you updated, but as a little teaser, we will have Amazon news, warehouse news and expansion news! Watch this space!

In the meantime, we have recently launched some new products - simmering granules being one (blog post to follow soon) and a line of home cleaning products. All safe to use, non toxic and of course non recyclable plastic free.

We are also launching a send back service for all of our biodegradable hand care and laundry products, so if you have purchased these products from us, please feel free to send your empties back to us at our address. Whilst these break down and leave no micro plastic fibres behind, they are good to use a number of times and we would be happy to take them, clean and reuse them for our products.



You may see a number of posts over the next few months with regards to sales rep positions. We are always actively looking for new sales reps (WORLDWIDE!) so if you have got what it takes to become a rep for us, please do contact us at candles@crystalcole.co.uk where we would love to give you further information.


That's it for now, but please do keep an eye on our blogs to keep you up to date with our world (and who knows, maybe even a cheeky discount code or giveaway thrown in the mix!)

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