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Hello everyone! I am Megan Robinson, the new blogger for Crystal Cole. I am a 22 year old recent graduate from North London, and my passions include food, music, and of course, writing and blogging.


Since graduating during the pandemic, it has been so hard to find work that I love and am actually interested in. This opportunity came along and I am thrilled to be doing something that is worthwhile and genuinely excites me.


I am so happy to be working for such a wonderful person and fabulous brand! I have known Crystal all my life, as she is a woman close to my family and she is my aunt's best friend. I have followed her journey from the start, and me and my family often purchase items from her website for ourselves, and as gifts. 


What do I do to try and be sustainable?

Recently, I have really been trying to find everyday ways to be more eco-friendly. I still have a long way to go, but I am making small steps to try and be more sustainable


The first thing I did was buy a reusable, stainless steel water bottle that I can take on the go, instead of using plastic water bottles. It is something so simple but reducing the use of plastic bottles can really help the environment, as so many plastic bottles end up in landfills or the ocean.


As well as this, I have been reducing my water usage by having shorter showers, and I have been buying shower products that are either recyclable, or contain zero plastic packaging. 


I want to continue being environmentally-friendly, and I will keep purchasing products that are good to the environment, vegan, or plastic-free. Being part of an eco-friendly company is also another step in the right direction, and I am so pleased to be on board. 


Favourite products from Crystal Cole

As I mentioned earlier, me and my family often buy products from Crystal Cole. I know my mum is a huge fan of the wax melts, as the scent gently lingers around our home and lasts for a long time. 


My favourite product is definitely the range of candles on offer. There are so many scents to choose from, and each one is so unique and the smell is easily identifiable and luxurious. 


I personally love champagne and strawberries, and Sun Dried laundry, as they are so fresh and the perfect scent for any room in the house! I also like gifting my friends these as I can personalise the candles with my own message, and choose which scents I think they will like the most, as well as knowing that the products will come with zero plastic packaging and are not detrimental to the environment.


What will I be writing about?

I can’t wait to start writing blogs and sharing them with you lovely people. I will be writing about sustainability, Crystal Cole products, conducting interviews with reps, and bringing you business news!


Is there anything you would like me to write about? Please suggest any ideas for consideration and I may be able to write about it.


I hope you enjoy my work! I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and writing weekly blogs.

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  • Welcome to the world of crystal cole. Great first blog look forward to reading more.x

    Angela Lester on

  • Welcome and fab blog

    kirsty fraser on

  • Fantastic blog x Looking forward to more Megan xx

    Eileen Malone on

  • Megs! Great first blog! we are delighted to have you on board! love crystal x

    crystal on

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