Strange little things, these solid shampoo and conditioner bars, aren't they?

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Solid shampoo and conditioner bars. What amazing little things these are. Of all of our products, I think i am the most proud of these. Something so simple could revolutionise bathrooms across the world. Can you imagine if every bathroom in the UK alone, swapped out liquid shampoo in a plastic bottle, for a solid shampoo bar, with no plastic packaging?

First of all, purchasing from a small business like ours instead of a large corporate company, really really does make a difference. Not just to my family and our lives, but to our reps; some of who sell our products as a full time job, or as a second income; it pays for their children's ballet lessons, or football boots, or sometimes its the difference between a family having full tummies or mum going hungry just so her kids don't.But also to the environment. To our seas and oceans, our fish and wildlife. To the homes of many many sea creatures, to those who love being in water, those whose livelihood depends on the health of the seas to make their money and look after their families. The list is endless.

Every single minute, (MINUTE! just think how quick that is!) a whole dumper truck of plastic is poured into our water systems. As we speak, there is a plastic island the size of the state of TEXAS, floating in the Pacific ocean. The Galapagos Islands have had to shut their doors to visitors due to plastic pollution. Seriously, what the hell is going on. Why are we doing this to our lovely planet. All so we can have a convenient bottle of soda, or shampoo our bloody hair!

This is why making vegan, cruelty free shampoo and conditioner bars was something i really wanted to add to our product range. I want to change people's perception on shampoo and conditioner and try and think how a small change can make a massive difference.

Many people i have spoken to have said they have tried shampoo bars before and didn't get on with them. Its a different experience yes, but a small change and so vitally important to your own health to start to move away from toxins and chemicals and move to something more natural. I won't bore you with the research, but if you are interested, look up SLS and parabens and the dangers they pose to your health. I cannot believe what i was putting though mine and my children's hair.

Here are a few tips and tricks for using solid shampoo and conditioner bars, to ensure you get the best from them:
1. The most important thing - DONT TREAT THEM OR EXPECT THEM TO DO THE SAME JOB AS YOUR USUAL LIQUID SHAMPOO OR CONDITIONER!They are totally not the same. The end result is clean hair, but how you get there is completely different. Its a big change in how you wash your hair, but after a few washes, you get used to it.

2. Shampoo - when using a solid shampoo bar for the first few times, your hair will feel different. This is because its a different experience to liquid shampoo. Our solid shampoo bars are clarifying, so the first few washes, its actually stripping and cleansing your hair and ridding it of the harsh toxins and chemicals you have been using prior. Some people have said that their hair squeaks - thats because its getting back to how it should be treated. Thats years of product build up in the hair follicles being gently removed.

3. Shampoo - there are different ways on how to use both solid shampoos and conditioners. Some people like to lather the bar in their hands, others rub the bar straight on to wet hair. There is no correct way of doing it, however I would say, as a female with the thickest longest mane, I find rubbing it on to my head and working up a lather works best. Same with the conditioner - I rub the conditioner on the ends of my hair and work my way up to about chin length and then i use a wide tooth bamboo comb to roughly comb it through. Like with all conditioners - avoid using it on the scalp. It will only make it greasy!

4. Our shampoo bars lather really well - some people are quite surprised by how well they foam. Just make sure, like with any shampoo, you give your hair a good rinse. If it doesn't feel clean after using it and your hair feels greasy in patches, then you haven't rinsed it well enough.

5. Conditioner -I have had people say to me that they don't "feel" the conditioner on their hair when using them. Or that the conditioning bars don't work. They really do. You are just comparing liquid conditioner to a solid one and its a totally different experience. It doesn't coat your hair in a mask of crap chemicals, the butters and hair friendly oils in our bars gently nourish the hair from within. They very gently emulsify, to ensure that they only use whats needed on your hair. So whilst you may not feel like its doing anything, trust me, it is. Your feeding your hair with goodness and like the shampoo bars, you need to use them a couple of times to settle it in to your hair and notice the difference.

Shampoo and conditioner bars are not for everyone, but i really wish they were. Because it would cut down a heck of a lot of single use plastic ending up in our seas. They also last a lot longer than bottled hair care, there is no waste as you only use what you need and you don't need all of those cancer related chemicals being rubbed in to your scalp. Its just a change to your usual hair washing routine and once you adapt, its a good change, not only for your hair, but for your environment.

If you haven't already tried our shampoo bars and don't want to commit, we do a whole range of sample sizes so you can test the scents and types out to see what suits your hair.

Join our hair revolution and shop small business and plastic free and let us know what you think of them!

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