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Crystal Cole Christmas Collection


The Crystal Cole Christmas collection is now here! You can shop a range of Christmas essentials here, and read below for more information on these products.


Bath Pearls and Bath Bombs

Christmas Shaped Bath Pearls- The perfect stocking fillers this Christmas, these are just 75p per pearl and in the shape of christmas trees (pomegranate scent), candy canes (orange and mint scent), and baubles. You can buy them as a pick and mix, or an assorted pack, but hurry as there is a limited availability…


Jingle Bell Berries Bath Bomb- Drop into the bath and watch this fizz and bubble into a beautiful ruby red colour. Let the aromas of golden berries, saffron, clove, frankincense, soft musk, and patchouli linger around your bathroom and soak into your skin.


Santa’s Little Helper Bath Bomb- Run under the tap to get the full effect of bubbles, and watch your bath water run a gorgeous emerald green. Frangranced in fruity flavours of orange, grapefruit, and a red berry blend of apple, strawberries and redcurrants, this is a cute, christmassy choice for a luxurious bath.


Ice Queen Christmas Bath Bomb- The perfect winter bath bomb, the fresh aromas of winter violet, lily, and jasmine will remind you of falling snowflakes. Silver bio-glitter and hidden hot pink colour streams complete the magic of this bomb.


Ice King Bubbly Bath Bomb- This is perfect to go with our Ice Queen bath bomb! The Ice King is fresh and includes a blend of cool mint, bergamot, amber, and some extra musk to make it more masculine. Hidden royal blue colour tabs will also make your bath water pop.


The Grinch Bubbly Bath Bomb- Who doesn’t want a bath bomb inspired by the iconic Christmas film? The extra midnight blue colour tabs create deep blue bath water, and the jelly bean scent is ideal for adults and children!



Wash bars

Candy Cane Shower Wash Bars- No, even though these look good enough to eat, these are not edible! These little candy cane bars are essential for the shower as they combine minty freshness with sugar to leave your body feeling refreshed- at only £1.49.


Spirit of Christmas Hand and Washing Up Liquid Combined- A wonderful accompaniment to our Christmas Room and Fabric Sprays (mentioned below) these £3.99 products come in aluminum bottles so you can refill and not waste anything.



Christmas Sprays, and diffusers

Christmas Room and Fabric Sprays- A previous blog outlined why Room and Fabric Sprays are a must-have item, and you can read more about it here. This Christmas, we have added two great scents to the collection- Spirit of Christmas and Elf Kisses which capture the essence of winter in a small bottle.


Christmas Reed Diffusers- If you want a long-lasting scent that echoes around your home, then our Christmas Reed Diffusers are for you. Available in two scents; Home For The Holidays and Eskimo Kiss, these diffusers come in a 100ml glass jar that can be reused.



Christmas Candles and Wax Melts

Merry Christmas Tealights- Need ideas for stockings or presents for guests? These 40mm heart shaped tealights are ideal, and are only £1.99 per item.


10 x Mini Christmas Scented Wax Melt Samples- Each wax melt has 3-4 hours of burn time and scent, and at only £3.50 for ten, you are getting more than what you pay for! When buying these samples, you will be sent a random selection of our Christmas scents.


Christmas Scented Candles- Christmas candles are available in eight festive scents which includes ‘Christmas Tree’ which is fragranced with pine and spearmint to give it an authentic christmas tree smell. Buy them in either 9cl or 30cl glasses, and you can add a personalised message if you are sending it as a gift!


Christmas Wax Melts- These offer the same scents as our Christmas candles, and these wax melts will truly immerse your home with festive cheer. At £4.25, you will receive a bar of six blocks of soy wax decorated with bio Christmas tree shaped glitter.



Wax, Oil, and Tealight Burners

Double Bow Wax/ Oil Burner- These 10cm x 17 x 7.5cm double bow designed burners are in very limited stock so order now if you want them by Christmas! They are £12.99 each and are available in white or chrome colours.


Round Ceramic Wax/ Oil Burner 11.5cm- Classy, Christmassy, and cool, this round Ceramic Burner is priced at £9.99 and available in chrome and white colours.


Sweetheart 10cm Wax/ Oil Burner- Currently sold out, our Sweetheart Burner is incredibly popular, priced at only £5.99 and available in chrome and white colours.


Mirror Heart Burner- Stunning and elegant, Crystal Cole’s £9.99 Mirror Heart Burner is another great option for holding your wax or oils.


Little White Cottage Tealight Burner- This is the perfect addition to your home as it works as an ornament as well as a burner for tealights, oil or wax melts! Make your home even more Christmassey with this £13.99 little white cottage.


White Double Melter Tealight Burner- Available at £10.99, this double burner means you can use any wax or oil melts and pair up two scents together to create a more defined aroma around your home.


Polo Round Tealight Burner 12cm- Looking for a burner that can hold wax and oil melts and is beautifully designed? Then purchase this round burner in chrome or white for £9.99.


Chrome Olympic Round Tealight Burner 14cm- Similar to the burner above, this one is slightly larger with a slightly sleeker design. Also priced at £9.99.


Hexagon 12cm Tealight Wax Melter- Available at £8.99 in chrome and white, this hexagon shaped wax melter is great for wax and oils, and its classy design will make you want to put it on display!



Christmas day essentials

Plastic Free Christmas Crackers- A staple at the Christmas table, our plastic free crackers are eco-friendly, and they are all handmade. There are options for everyone as the crackers contain jokes, hats, and gifts that are tailored to adults, children, and dogs!


Christmas Design Paper Tape- This sought after item is currently sold out, but we hope to add it back to stock soon! Here at Crystal Cole, we use this recyclable, plastic free paper tape for our Christmas orders, so of course we recommend this to you.


Crystal Cole Gift Bags- If you don’t want to deal with wrapping paper and are looking for something elegant and special to put your gifts in, then grab a Crystal Cole gift bag for £2.00. Fully recyclable and environmentally friendly, these are ideal for this time of year.


Secret Santa Mystery Gift Boxes- Back by popular demand, these boxes cost £5.00 but the gift inside is guaranteed to be worth double this price. Gift to your secret santa at work, amongst friends, or within the family, or treat yourself to one of these boxes!



Shop now in time for Christmas, and bag yourself these must-have items! If you’re struggling to get family and friends some gifts this year, then have a browse through the collection and pick up some delightful treats for your loved ones.


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