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This months must-have product: Crystal Cole’s Room and Fabric Sprays!


Looking for a new eco-friendly product to add to your home? Need something affordable, versatile, and something that smells great? Then look no further as we have the perfect product to match this description!


Crystal Cole has a range of Room and Fabric Sprays that will give your home a bit of a boost. You can use our sprays on upholstery, towels and bedding, or you could spray it around the room to add a gorgeous scent that lingers in the air. 


The product is available in 50 ml glass or aluminium bottles, as these are sustainable and refillable in order to cut down on waste. You can wash these out and reuse them for other purposes too! If you want to keep using them as a room and fabric spray, it may be best to use the same scent for the same bottle.


You can also use our bottles for other liquids like body wash which makes it perfect for using when travelling. It is not safe to use as a bottle for food or drink, but you can get creative in other ways and use it around the house, or on the go! 



What scents are on offer?

We have scents to suit every mood, every person, and every room! The Sun Dried Laundry scent gives an authentic, soothing, summer smell which is ideal for any clean linen in the home. 


If you are looking for a scent that will make your bathroom pop with a fresh aroma, then the Lemongrass and Coconut is the best option. This option is also perfect for furniture, for neutralising cooking smells, and for keeping those pesky mosquitoes away.


Our Velvet Peony and Oudh scent is loved by the one and only Stacey Solomon! Stacey has been an avid customer for a while, and she uses this scent in her home. The smell is similar to what you would find in an expensive hotel suite- so why not add this to your home and make all your guests envious of the gorgeous aroma that fills the room! 


You can shop this fabulous collection here, and have a browse at our sprays and refills. At only £5.99 per spray and £4.99 per refill, you can buy multiple of these or gift some to friends! 



Christmas collection

Speaking of gifting our collection of room sprays, what better occasion is there to share gifts than at Christmas? Our Christmas collection is now live, and we have limited edition Room and Fabric Sprays on offer for £6.99.


Spirit of Christmas is one of our festive sprays, and it contains warm scents that will remind you of chilly nights sitting in front of a log fire. Frankincense, myrrh, burnt orange, and a tiny drop of cinnamon are mixed together to create a beautiful winter scent.

Our other festive spray is Elf Kisses, designed to transport you into a snowy forest (but without that freezing feeling!) This mixture contains the aromas of toasted marshmallows, winter spruce, and juniper berries which will make your home feel the most Christmassy it has ever been.


With these Christmas inspired scents, you can immerse yourself in your very own winter wonderland at home! This will get you in the festive mood, order now and get yourself ready for an exciting Christmas this year. 


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