If you run a small to medium B&B, Air B and B service, serviced apartments or a small boutique hotel, chances are that you provide basic toiletries for your guests.

As more and more people are becoming concerned about the impact of single use plastic, the more demand there is for hoteliers to cut down on plastic waste.

Crystal Cole have been working with a number of small hotels to develop a range for single use shampoo, body wash and conditioner bars to replace the wasted plastic bottles and we are delighted to bring this to our website.

Our solid bars are sold in bulks of 100 and work out much more cost effective than stand alone sample sized bottles and help to stop 100 mini plastic bottles going straight to landfill!

Each sample sized bar gives one shampoo, condition or wash. Purchase in our mason jars and simply refill when needed, or buy the refillable option of 100 and use your own jar or item to display the bars in guest bathrooms.

Tackling excess waste plastic is a real talking point and something that you can be proud to tell your guests that you are helping to combat.

These products are our off the shelf range, however if you do have specific requirements for your bathroom toiletries or branding queries, please contact us directly, where we will be only to happy to help.