Key Worker Products COVID-19

In light of the current situation, Crystal Cole will only be selling one product for the time being and until we are able to gain access to our workshop, as the whole building has been shut down.

Thank you key worker gifts consist of a small 15ml travel sized hand sanitiser and a stainless steel heart shaped tin, containing two small heart shaped solid hand soaps.

Perfect gifts for family friends, or those who have helping to keep your day going, from your post person, to shop workers, carers, volunteers and friends who have been helping.

You have the option of purchasing these yourself to gift, or you can sponsor a key worker gift, where we will donate these to key workers, local shop keepers and workers and care homes local to us, to distribute to their workers.

Everyone in the key worker sector right now are working extremely hard for us - wouldn't it be lovely to put a smile on their face and let them know how appreciated they are.

PLEASE NOTE - Crystal Cole Group Ltd will not be making ANY profit off of the sales of these key worker gifts. Quite frankly, doing this is to keep us sane and give us a purpose whilst our workshop is closed. However, we are giving the option for our reps to take a 10% commission on their sales. Some are choosing to donate their commission and some are not. But ultimately we feel that our reps, as self employed people, should still have the right to earn a small amount on selling our products, because they need to live to. Please be kind and understand that selling these could be the difference between keeping food on the table for families and we hope you support our reps in trying to keep an income in these turbulent times.