The Crystal Cole Crystal Infused Collection

Our new collection of 30cl Crystal Infused candles are highly scented in our signature Zen scent and infused with the healing energy of crystals, which can be kept in the organza bag included in with your candle.

Available in the following candle and crystal properties:


New Beginnings




Self Esteem


see description of each candle for more information.

all candles come unboxed and with a organza bag to keep your crystals in, along with a description of the properties each type of crystal brings.

Approx 30 hour burn time.


Our range of mini and medium sized bath bombs are available in the following:


lavender and amethyst 

Citrine and jasmine

Crystal quartz and coffee

Rose quartz and rose

Sodalite and sel gris 


each bath bomb is hand made and comes with a cleansed crystal to keep after your bath.