Our Story

Crystal Cole Candles are chandlers of luxury hand poured candles, with a particular focus on creating and triggering scent memories, to last a lifetime and beyond.

Our candles are focused towards evoking thoughts and feelings and by selecting specific scents to compliment certain events or occasions, ensures that the recipient will have a deep-rooted memory attachment to a particular smell.


Crystal Cole is a British wife and mother of 5 children, based in Kent, England.

Her passion for candles began in her teenage years and continued throughout her adulthood, where candles and diffusers adorned every room in her house. After undertaking a number of candle making courses as a hobbyist, she discovered her passion for selecting and mixing scents was becoming more than just a hobby and something she felt a strong connection to and was something that she took further when she personalised a scent for her winter wonderland themed wedding to her husband, Ian. By carefully researching and selecting scents which evoked winter memories to her nearest and dearest, she created a scent for her wedding and reception venues, which impressed her guests so much, that she was asked to create the same sensory experience for two of her friends weddings the following year. Word of mouth referrals followed and Crystal became a full time chandler, creating her own line of luxury signature scented candles and personalised scents.

Crystal’s inspiration for her candles comes from many memories growing up in England and some of these influences are largely seen in her chosen scents for candle making.

Her passion for travel, particularly around South America and South East Asia are heavy influences in her nose for identifying new and unusual aromas to be used in her chandelling.