Candle Making

Candle Making

Making a candle is more than just mixing and pouring wax into a container. Candle making is a fine craft in which many scientific elements control the factors between making a good candle and an excellent, luxurious candle. A good quality candle should burn evenly, consistently and without tunnelling. Many factors need to be taken into consideration to ensure that a candle is of a good quality, including melting temperature, percentage of oil, wick testing and scent throw ability.

Every candle made by Crystal Cole Candles is hand poured and made to strict guidelines, ensuring that every candle that leaves our studio is perfect every time. Our oils are hand picked by Crystal Cole herself, to ensure a maximum scent throw throughout your home, office or venue space.

Guide to candle care

To ensure the best possible candle burning experience, we have put together the following guide to getting the best possible experience from a Crystal Cole Candle:

  1. Ensure that the room where you intend to burn the candle is free from draughts, as this causes an uneven burn and diminishes scent throw
  2. Ensure that the candle is burned in a room where doors and windows can be kept closed for a minimum of 30 minutes to maximise scent throw
  3. Make sure the wick is trimmed to 5mm before every use, including 1st use
  4. 1st time burning – make sure that the wax melts across the entire surface of the candle, right to the sides of the jar – this helps to create an even burn and prevent tunnelling. This process make take up to 4 hours to complete but will prolong the born time and quality of your candle burn
  5. Keep the wax free from debris and if soot appears around the jar, clean with a damp cloth once cool
  6. To visually see that a candle is burning efficiently, look for a flame that is not flickering, tear drop shaped and burning upright – a high or flickering flame denotes that the candle is not burning properly and should be extinguished and the above guidelines should be followed
  7. Keep candles away from direct sunlight, strong lights and store in a cool, dry place. Protect them from dust by wiping them when cool with a damp cloth
  8. NEVER leave a burning candle unattended and ensure that the area surrounding a burning candle is free from any fire risks